KPEN v2 (new!) Vape Battery Set – Kurvana


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Powerful, Long-Lasting Battery

Enjoy KPEN throughout your day without worrying it will fail you. Our new battery configuration is powerful enough to more quickly transfer heat to the cartridge, without depleting much battery life. The new KPEN charge time is 1.5x faster than our previous version. When charged properly, it takes less than an hour to power, making our new device the perfect on-the-go companion.

LED Alerts

The built-in LED light reveals helpful information about your KPEN’s functionality. Inhalation from the mouthpiece turns the device and LED on automatically. To avoid overheating and ensure patient safety, the LED remains lit for ten seconds of inhalation and will then blink twice to signal the standby mode. The LED light is an indicator of low battery, cartridge malfunction, and completion of charge.