Cannabis topicals are balms, lotions, and oils for the skin that are infused with the chemicals found in marijuana flowers. Many users prefer topical application to the skin, particularly as a way to achieve non-psychoactive CBD effects, which include soothing and anti-inflammation properties. THC-rich topical products are also available. Users report pleasant sensations where the ointments or lotions are applied. Bud Man features the best selection of topical cannabis products in Anaheim. Order now online for fast and discreet delivery.

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  • Ablis Clinical Strength CBD Rub (500mg CBD)

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  • Roll-on Pain Stick – CBD Living Freeze (120mg CBD)

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  • Organic Not So Virgin Topical Coconut Oil (1000mg THC)

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  • CBD Pain Cream – Canna Nano (100mg CBD)

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  • CBD OVA Muscle Rub – Innovative (2oz – 2 types)

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  • Ignite CBD Intimate Lubricant – Kush Queen (30mg CBD)

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  • Elite CBD Muscle Freeze – Mary’s Nutritionals (200mg CBD)

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  • Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics Cannabis Extract Cream (4 types)

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  • Sextiva Sexual Enhancement Oil – Innovative (9ml – 2 types)

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  • Burn-Out Elite Topical Mist – Mary’s Nutritionals

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  • Soaked Transdermal Shower Gel – Kush Queen (80mg CBD – 80mg THC)

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  • Relief CBD Pain Cream – Gemstonz (350mg CBD)

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