Kief is the resin product of cannabis plants that can be accumulated from sifted dry cannabis buds. The resin is collected and formed into various products, including hashish and pollen. Kief products contain concentrated cannabinoids, and their effects can therefore be much stronger and more intense. Bud Man offers the best selection of marijuana hash and kief in Anaheim. Order now online for delivery to your Anaheim home or office.

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  • Top Shelf Kief – King Louis XIII (indica)

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  • Kurupt’s Moon Rock (premium – 5 flavors)

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  • Dr. Zodiaks Moonrock Ice (new!) 99% THCa – Kurupt Moon Rocks (1 gram – premium)

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  • Bubble Hash – Nativ (1g – 8 strains)

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  • Cavi Cones – Caviar Gold (7 flavors)

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  • Presidential Rx Preroll (800mg THC – 7 flavors)

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  • Kurupt Moon Rocks Killer Cones (51% THC – 5 flavors)

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